Love Muscle in three way toilet romp

Another night out on the tiles, another night trapped in a toilet with three naked women. The Love Muscle was up to his usual tricks over the weekend - this time causing quivers of embarrassment to a toilet attendant at London's Embassy nightclub - where he was embroiled in a three way toilet romp.

According to The Mirror, The Muscle crept into staff toilets for some monkey business with two semi-nud ladies. But an eagle eyed cleaner spotted what was going on and sprung the threesome, leaving Russ none too pleased - and forced into desperate action.

In a breathtaking moment, the Love Muscle astonished onlookers by performing a textbook double toilet shuffle, releasing the two girls as a decoy - only to immediately smuggle a passing blonde in in their place.

Staff at the Embassy nightclub were so horrified by the brazen toilet switch, they're considering barring Russell for ever. Great to see Russ back on flying form after his never ending Stateside trip.....

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