Love is a winning game

At the tail end of last week we reported that Amy Winehouse’s new bit of stuff Reg Traviss was a filthy love rat who had been keeping another girl (a burlesque dancer no less) on the go while keeping up appearances with the troubled pop star. In fact it was revealed that he had been dating Raven Isis Holt for two years, and that she was convinced he wouldn’t leave her for Wino.

Well it turns out she was wrong, as according to The Sun the film director (who has the world’s most cockney name, ever) decided to stick with Winehouse and gave Raven the Spanish Archer at the weekend. There’s every chance she didn’t see that one coming, readers.

‘Reg got into trouble last week because he hasn't told Amy about Raven,’ said some source or other to the tabloid. ‘Amy went out on the town and Reg was only up the road dining with her. When Amy found out she challenged him - and Reg decided to stick with her.’

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