Love in a Travelodge

Now that Imogen Thomas is free to chat about her liason with philandering footballer Ryan Giggs, it seems that we'll never stop hearing about what comes across as a fairly predictable sportsman's tale of love in a Travelodge.

Imogen told The Sun, 'I called it off a million times but he kept coming back. He knew it was wrong as well, he said as much, but he was pursuing me...He was quiet and seemed quite sober. Back at the hotel bar we were just chatting about life but I could tell he was interested in me. We kissed and I ended up staying the night with him. I knew he was married but I was caught up in the moment and I never thought it was going to go anywhere.'

A friend backed up the story of woe, saying, 'Imogen was 100 per cent certain he would leave Stacey and the kids and move in with her. It wasn't a relationship built totally on sex. She thought it went much deeper. She was in love but now she has been left high and dry.'

High, dry but a few million quid richer...

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