Love Actually Film Secrets Revealed

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Screenwriter of rom com Love Actually, Emma Freud, and her husband and Love Actually film director, Richard Curtis, have recently attended the midnight screening of the film in New York. Curtis had not seen the film since its premier in 2003. Freud has also recently revealed secrets about the film that fans have been wondering for the past 13 years.

In the film, Karen, played by Emma Thompson, and on screen husband Harry, played by Alan Rickman, have been going through a rough patch as Harry appeared to be having an affair with his secretary. When asked by a fan whether or not it was just flirtation or an affair, Freud said Harry “definitely had an affair. I begged Richard just to make it a flirtation, but no. The whole way.”

Harry purchased a locket for the secretary and was asked by the gift wrapper, Rowan Atkinson, whether or not he wanted to wrapped. Harry said yes and the wrapper proceeded to take his time making it extremely excessive and elaborate. Freud commented that this moment was originally intended to be used as a tool to catch Harry out in his affair.

The final scene was at the airport when Harry and Karen reunite with an awkward kiss. Many fans have been left wondering if they actually end up together or not. Freud states that they do “stay together, but home isn’t as happy as it once was.”

Other fun facts revealed are that Emma Freud’s mother plays Hugh Grants’ housekeeper, the lobster at the school play was his daughter Scarlett, and Spiderman was her son Jake. The shots in Heathrow airport at the end of the film of families reuniting were genuine family moments.

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