Lou's a greedy fellow?

Leona Lewis may end up bleeding from her bank account if ex boyfriend Lou Al-Chamaa gets his way. The cheeky fellow is attempting to claim a £1.5 million pay-off from the star, as he er, helped fill out her X Factor application form.

A friend told The Sun, 'He believes he has played a huge role in Leona's success. They have been together for more than ten years and he has encouraged her to fulfil her potential. He believes he has the rights of a common-law husband. He even filled in her X Factor application form and believes he then played a huge role in her success - not only as her partner but also professionally within his new position in the music industry.'

'He claims he owns a piece of some of her songs and should benefit financially. She has offered him their house in Hackney but he insists that is not enough. It looks like it could get messy. It's not like he is sitting at home in tears, though. The split was more on his terms and he is currently living it up in Miami.'

A word of advice - if you're after some cash, and are looking for sympathy, letting slip that you're 'living it up in Miami' might not be the best strategy...

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