Lourdes to dance with Madonna at O2 arena

There's nothing as precocious as a stage school wannabee desperate to launch a showbiz career - as Her Madgesty and Guy Ritchie are coming to realise.

Madonna's daughter Lourdes is already a great mover, and is keen to showcase her talents by taking to the stage with Madge and dancing in tandem with her at the O2 Arena.

Lourdes has already choreographed some moves which she thinks could work well if only mummy would shift over a bit and let her have some more of the stage. Guy says Lola can't dance on stage at Madge's concert because it'll turn her into a screaming brat. Madge thinks having mini me bopping next to her is a wonderful idea and has already popped her protege in Pineapple studios. Who'll win this battle we wonder?

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