Louis’ X-Rated-Factor

The X-Factor may be viewed as a bit of harmless prime-time telly fluff to most, but things got a little out of hand on Sunday's live results show when Louis Walsh stuck two fingers up at the live studio audience.

The talent spotting judge got wound-up after the crowd booed his only act left in the comp, Jedward, who performed ‘Rock DJ’ in the final sing-off against Lucie Jones. Unfortunately for Louis, the blink-and-you'll-miss it gesture has made its way on YouTube.

'Louis apologises if any offence was caused,' a spokesperson for the ITV1 karaoke comp told The Sun. However it’s not known whether Louis will apologise for the yobbish behaviour himself (although if Dannii had to grovel for outing Danyl, we don't see why not?) Guess we’ll have to watch this weekend’s show to find out.

Lucie Jones was voted off the show with the lowest amount of public phone votes after Simon Cowell took the decision to Deadlock and John & Edward were saved.

Witness Louis' two fingered salute below - skip to 48 seconds in.

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