Louis the gossip

Praise be for the big-mouth that is Louis Walsh. While most celebs barely say a word to the press for fear of slipping up, Louis will happily chat away like your neighbour leaning over the garden fence. The X Factor judge has given an interview where he reminisces about the early days of reality telly, and what he thinks Cheryl's next steps will be.

Louis told The Daily Mail,'I miss Simon's banter and his fun, because he knew how to wind me up. When I look back to when I was first a judge here on the TV show Popstars: the Rivals, I realise I was so naive. The three judges, me, Geri Halliwell, and Pete Waterman, just showed up on a Saturday and went through the motions. But on The X Factor you live the show night and day. It's like being in a soap opera. I think about it 24/7.'

When asked about Chezza, Louis turned serious, saying, 'I got to know the real Cheryl. I thought it would work for her in America. It wasn't anyone's fault it didn't. It's a different planet and she's not as tough as people think. She's tough on the outside, but sensitive on the inside. She didn't take up the offer to come back to the UK panel because she probably didn't want to go backwards. I know she wants to do music, she wants to dance. I'm sure she wants to settle her life down, she's been working hard for the past ten years.'

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