Loudmouth Lembit Opik denies going on Celebrity Big Brother

After a year’s sabbatical Celebrity Big Brother is set to return to screens in 2009 and the first D-lister has been announced.

It looks like former Cheeky Guy Lembit Opik will be the first to enter the house.

A Sun source said "He's wacky and funny, but more importantly it's hoped he’ll spill the beans on his romance with one of the Cheeky Girls, we are all convinced he won't be able to resist putting his mouth into gear about it - he seems a very outspoken character in general"

The Liberal Democrat MP is rumoured to be joined in the house by a former Sugarbabe and Whitney Houston.

Update: Lembit's 'people' have denied that the loudmouth will be entering the house, claiming The Sun made the story up in order to kill an otherwise boring morning on the newsdesk. "Absolute nonsense. There is no truth in it whatsoever" said Lembit. Bit like he told Sian Lloyd when he ditched her for a Cheeky Girl.......

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