Lorksamussy - Alex might win

Hands up who's voting for Alex Reid to win Celebrity Big Brother? Us neither - which is strange because the bookies think he's going to clinch it. Yes, the shouty men in sweaty shops have slashed odds on Duuh-aaane and Vinaye winning and popped Reid in poll position. But is the dim cage fighting champ really top of the nation's pops?

Admittedly, Alex has been great to watch. But that's nothing to do with his quick-fire personality. It's the bit-fick persona and ability to have the p ripped out of him by Vinnie that's done it for us. (Note to Alex: that's not good.) Or perhaps the fake tan session helped win hearts too? The one where Alex bared both bum and body and forced the nation to contemplate what a night of passion for Jordan must actually look like *throws up*

No. There's a simple explanation to the Reid phenomenon: bored telly watching Brits are having at larf at TV's expense. The underdog always wins. Which is all well and good when it's John Sergeant but if Alex Reid wins CBB he'll think he's a pwopah big celeb and want to be taken seriously.

Britain, don't do it.....

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