Lords of Lightning - Multi Million Volt Ninjas

This is quite simply extraordinary. Channeling four million volts of electricity into a pulsating flash of spectacle, the Lords of Lightning are currently one of the hottest properties on the internet. With their performance at the Belfast Festival racking up over 2 million views in 4 days, this awe inspiring fusion of technology and creativity is going spectacularly viral.


The Lords of Lightning have made ingenious use of an electrical medium originally devised by Nikolai Tesla. Unbelievably, Tesla coils were developed in 1891 by Tesla, perhaps the most underrated scientific mind of modern memory, and generate high voltage, high frequency alternating currents. Others have used Tesla technology in recent times, but perhaps none with such an element of performance art hard wired into the concept.

A fluid dance weaves the shards of lightning deep into a raw, pumping soundtrack (Freefall Collective) before breaking out into a primal battle of crackling energy. Sporting special suits that adapt the idea of a Faraday cage into a mixture of sartorial style and body formed organics, they shape the astonishing power of the current to somewhere between urban ballet and a ninja throwdown. Dripping with attitude and the sci-fi tinged tip of showmanship, they have been making jaws drop around the globe.

Infamous illusionist and endurance specialist David Blaine himself has been so impressed, that he has chosen to subject himself to sustained bolts of 1 million volts over 72 hours for his next painstaking innings. But the Lords of Lightning are veterans of the art form and have been a fixture on the festival scene for a good while now.

As part of the insanely creative collective, Arcadia Spectacular, whose now legendary stages and mechanical cabarets appear at the cream of UK festivals, the Lords of Lightning have long been in good company. With the Daily Telegraph referring to Arcadia’s post apocalyptic Spider stage as making “U2‘s crab look like a paperweight”, the future for every aspect of this wildly inventive crew is dazzlingly bright.

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