Lord of the low budget rings

It's the stuff of YouTube legend; obsessive user recreates their favourite film in the back garden, which goes on to become an online sensation. But Kate Madison didn't just grab her camcorder and dress her friends up in a lame hobbit or ork outfit (come on, who hasn't done that?) Displaying the grit and determination of Aragorn, she used £8,000 life savings, took on an extra office job (actually, we can't see Aragorn working as a temp), and raised £17,000 through online donations. More than 400 cast and crew members took part in the project, a prequel to Lord of the Rings entitled Born of Hope, for free.

Describing her film, Kate said, 'The battle scenes and the array of incredible characters really inspired me and I was desperate to have a go at making an epic myself. There were times when it was cold and wet and we were up to our eyes in mud standing in the middle of a forest wondering if we could make this a success. But now it's all done it's an amazing feeling.'

While we applaud Kate's passion, if we were being cruel we'd say there's more than a hint of a French and Saunders parody about the film. See what you think...

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