Loose Pyjamas

The chances are you’ve had that dream where you’re walking around with your particulars hanging out for no particular reason, so beset you are with social anxiety and stress, so subconsciously most people know the shame of having their tackle flap about in the wind like a lonely worm trying to escape a primary school science class... and then you wake up.

However, poor old Kate Thornton has taken that extra step into real life public humiliation, accidentally flashing her bits at a delivery man when her two year old son pulled down her pyjama bottoms while taking a delivery of a new mobile phone. The shame; the horror; the terrifying knowledge that some bloke will be down the pub tonight recounting this story to his mates at great length, probably using the word ‘fanny’. The humanity.

‘I was wearing pyjama bottoms with nothing underneath,’ the Loose Women presenter said, forlornly, to The Sun. ‘I went to the door and as I was taking the mobile my son came up behind me and pulled them right down. The guy went, ‘It's all right, it's all right, I didn't see anything’ - but he did.’

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