Loose lipped Robbie

The ladies of Loose Women (who we love by the way) had the time of their lives yesterday when Robbie Williams popped by. Robbie appeared on the show as PR punishment for his wacky X Factor appearance. However, the plucky Take Thatter made the best of it, chatting with the girls like one of the gang. In fact if the comeback fails, we think he might even have a career on the LW panel.

The prison break shirt with white tee underneath was distracting, but we managed to ignore it enough to listen to what he said:

1. He loves his girlfriend and wants to marry her. (Is he in competition with Russell Brand for most unashamed public gusher?)
2. He's scared of his mum, but not enough to stop him throwing her knickers and bras out of the window.
3. He ends his texts with a kiss, no matter the recipient.
4. He lurves Loose Women.

Good job Rob....

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