Looking good, thanks to Salt and steak

It looks like Angelina Jolie herself could do with more meat on her own bones, rather than more meat on a T-bone for dinner but accordingly to the cat-like star of 'Wanted' and 'Salt', there's nothing better than a hunk of cow to chow down on, according to OK Magazine.

The wife of Brad Pitt and mother to six adopted youngsters commented that when she previously tried to live on a vegan diet, the results weren't good and her health suffered. She owes her good looks and glow to a juicy slab of steak.

Ange also stated that being a busy mother was proving to be hugely rewarding: 'Happiness is when I look down at my hands and they are washing a baby. I can sort of see my hands grow older and I love it.'

Not long before they'll whip that plate of steak tartare from under you, Ange!

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