Looking Back In Anger

Flicking through a tabloid and seeing a Gallagher (Noel or Liam) have a pop at a Gallagher (Noel or Liam) has been a regular fixture since the heyday of Britpop some 15 years ago. But remarks made by the News Of The World this weekend have caused Noely G to step in and consult his lawyers.

The Sunday rag quoted Noel as slagging off brother Liam and his current rejigged Oasis line-up: ‘If he wants to take credit for my band, then that's up to him, but every fan knows the truth and that's all that matters. It's like the f**king Sugababes now. They'll be kicking Andy Bell out next and replacing him with a leggy blonde. He's a fashion designer or a male model, isn't he? Oasis fans don't care what the band look like. But our kid doesn't get that. Fashion is for women... and gay men.’ Only it wasn’t from Noel.

A statement released on the official Oasis website last night responding to the article said, ‘NOEL GALLAGHER is consulting his lawyers over an article in today's News of the World attributing derogative remarks about his former band members to the Oasis songwriter. Yet again this tawdry tabloid is fabricating lies about ex-members of Oasis, and has clearly sunk to new depths this time. In today's paper they write that Noel has made derogatory comments about Liam's new band (which they still insist on referring to as Oasis, another of their many errors). The claims made in the article and the quotes attributed to Noel are simply untrue. What's more, we have learned that the article was written by the same hack journalist who brought fans the 'exclusive' that Liam had recruited a female bass player recently. The woman named in that article, who's actually a fan website editor, embarrassed the newspaper with a categorical denial within hours of the story surfacing.’

Tabloid makes up story shocker.

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