Look who's back!

Katie Waissel is back in town, gearing herself up for the X Factor 51-date tour, and is busy telling the world that she's a misunderstood artiste. The problem is, people are quickly forgetting who she is, other than being yet another X Factor past hopeful who feels that they were maligned by the press. Though Katie does have one stand-out fact that sets her apart from the other auditionees; her gran is a prostitute.

Katie told The Daily Mail, that since leaving X Factor, she hasn't heard from mentor Cheryl Cole, 'Call me controversial, but she's doing her own thing. She's an artist herself, she had her Christmas break and I don't expect anything from her. I don't know why I was so widely hated,' she admitted. 'At the end of the day it's a TV show - it's entertainment. The public hated me because they were told to. The power of editing is beautiful. During the live shows I wanted to jump up and tell people, 'Hi I'm Katie - I'm not a b******' - but they'd already made up their minds.'

Katie, and fellow X Factor auditionees Matt Cardle, One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson, Paije Richardson, Mary Byrne, Katie Waissel, Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho and Cher will perform on the gruelling 51-gig tour, which starts on February 19 at Birmingham's LG Arena.

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