Look as fit as a WAG

Want to look like a WAG? Just in case you do, there is a new fitness video by top WAGs – no not Posh, not Cheryl Cole, not even Coleen McLoughlin, but the super-glam Nicola Tappenden, Lisa Munday and Melissa Johnson.

Er who? These lovely ladies are the partners of Simon Walton, Jamie Cureton and Roger Johnson respectively. Can’t quite place the faces? No, neither can we. (Leeds United, Cardiff city and Norwich City, since you ask.)

The blurb on the back of the tape reads, “The must-have accessory for all girls wanting to achieve the look and style of a WAG - and who knows, they may even bag themselves a footballer in the process!’

Yeah, from the local five-a-side…

(Image: from hvnly’s flickr stream)

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