Look and learn, Peter Andre

After Kelly Osbourne's week from hell (in a nutshell, she broke up with her fiance and her dog died), you'd expect her to cancel all public engagements (pun intended) and jet off to the other end of the world to mope around in a depressed yet glam state. But she's a pro, so she's filled her column for Closer magazine and, rather than using it to tear strips off her ex, she's addressed the small matter of her public heartbreak with (gasp) maturity.

Kelly wrote in her Closer column, 'As everyone has probably heard by now, my fiancé Luke and I are no longer together. I've sat here for a couple of days thinking about what it is I want to say publicly. At first I wanted to tell everyone everything and completely bash him because I’m hurt and angry. But at the end of the day, the truth is I did love Luke and that’s all that matters.'

'I kept up my side of the bargain and kept my side of the street clean, and no amount of male stupidity and no number of slutty girls are going to change that. Sitting here, bashing him and telling the world how horrible I feel doesn’t get either of us anywhere. It’s just time to be positive about my new life and to move onwards and upwards.'

Peter 'two years on, still peddling his break up for a living' Andre could learn a lot from you, Kelly.

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