Lonely Leona launches into London club scene

As most girlfriends will tell you, there's no better way of getting over a guy than grabbing the next bus to 'party central' and finding another one. That's just the advice Leona Lewis seems to have taken to heart when she rocked up at London's Whiskey Mist, for a night on the town, OK Magazine reveals.

Leona arrived at the capital's famous Whiskey Mist nightclub wearing 'fishnet tights, peep-toe heels, a waist high skirt and polka dot cropped top' with bright red lipstick to complete her fifties rockabilly look.

Leona, who is well known for her flawless non diva-esque performances looked every part the stunning siren starlet as she celebrated being newly single. Her ex, Lou Al-Chamaa from London, recently demanded a large sum of money from the star, claiming to have filled out the form for her to audition for Pop Idol, the show which launched her extremely lucractive pop career.

We say she's doing much better now she's washed that man right out of her hair, (before she piled it up into true fifties quiffs and curls.) A great way to let your hair down, after pinning it up...

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