London votes Gordon fave celebrity mayor

And now for your main course sir - crap-apples. Thats what sprung to mind when we read this survey anyway. The good people of London have voted Gordon Ramsay their favourite 'celebrity London mayor'.

Thats right, 31% of people ticked Ramsey's box. 15% thought David Walliams might be a more realistic candidate. And 14% wanted Prince Harry (a kid who sticks wine glasses to his nipples!) to lead the great city.

Tie break action for 5th spot between Goldenballs and Kelly Osbourne with 7.05% of the vote each - while adopted Londoner Madge was pipped by a nose hair to 8th position by old party pants Kate Moss.

10.4% of Londoners voted 'off-piste' for slebs like Jordan, Gary Barlow and Doctor Who. Because they 'didn't understand' they could only vote for slebs on the list.

Ready for desert? Stewed crap-apples with a scoop of poo berry ice cream it is then. Boris Johnson beat Ken Livingstone in the 'who would you rather be stranded on a desert island with' survey.....

Which means we'll probably spend the rest of the afternoon having awful visions of Boris Johnson scampering around a desert island naked save but for a loincloth and a conch - and only EntertainMe for company.


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