Lohan trial to go ahead

Lindsay Lohan’s hopes of escaping trial on reckless driving and obstruction charges were dashed when a Los Angeles judge insisted that the trial would go ahead. Lohan’s Porsche sports car was involved in a smash in Santa Monica last June. Lohan claims she was not behind the wheel at the time; police say they have evidence that she was.

Lohan has pleaded not guilty to the charges and her lawyer Mark Heller had argued that police had questioned her illegally after the accident. The judge dismissed that argument and also refused to postpone the trial, decreeing that it would begin on March 18.

Given her past record and previous misdemeanours, Lohan could face three months to a year in prison on each charge if convicted. If there is a guilty verdict, she is likely to escape a custodial sentence only because California’s prisons are crammed full already.

In what seems like a pre-emptive move to avoid jail time, her lawyer said that Lohan was undergoing psychotherapy to address her problems. She was keen to speak about her life to schoolchildren.in a round of "periodic visits to schools, hospitals and other venues where she may provide inspirational talks, encouraging children to pursue positive goals and avoid bad habits". In short, appearing as a kind of anti-role model.

Lohan’s acting career is not serving as the ideal distraction from her chaotic personal life. The crash occurred when Lohan was on her way to film Liz and Dick, a saucily-titled biopic about Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. The TV movie was screened in the US to widespread ridicule.

"Lohan is woeful as Taylor from start to finish," the Hollywood Reporter wrote. "But, whatever you do, don't miss Liz and Dick. It's an instant classic of unintentional hilarity." The San Francisco Chronicle said: "It's so terrible, you'll need to ice your face when it's over to ease the pain of wincing for two hours." With reviews like that, perhaps it’s understandable if Lohan feels she needs a drink or three now and then.

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