Lohan 'too busy' to return necklace

We can empathise with Lindsay's pain, after all, we've been there - you saunter into a swanky jewellers, adorn oneself in millions of dollars worth of bling, swish out of the shop, then promptly 'forget' to return said borrowed jewels. Happens to us all the time. This is the plight that Lindsay Lohan currently finds herself mired in (if it's possible to be mired in a plight). Linds appeared in court last week, charged with theft, having walked out of Kamofie & Company jewellers in Venice Beach, California, with the necklace.

Lindsay's assistant defended the star, telling The Daily Mail, 'She wanted to give the necklace back to the store the day after she took it from the store, but she was very busy.' The star herself took to Facebook to assert her innocence, 'I would never steal, in case people are wondering. I was not raised to lie, cheat, or steal.'

If found guilty of the allegations, Lindsay faces up to three years in jail, as she is currently on probabation following a 2007 DUI charge.

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