Lock-up your daughters!

The nation may be chuckling at X-Factor contestants John & Edward now, but it looks like the Irish duo may have the last laugh if reports that they are close to signing a deal to host a telly show are true.

According to The Daily Mail, numerous big name broadcasters such as Nickeloden, Disney and even the BBC have expressed an interest in snapping up the pair: "The twins are popular, they are entertaining” the newspaper’s source is quoted as saying. “We've been bombarded with offers of work from some big networks. The boys could be the next Ant and Dec."

The next Ant and Dec or not, the article doesn’t commit to what type of show the brothers Grimes would do, presumably some kids daytime fluff involving them being locked in a broomcupboard. Our hope is a regular spot on People’s Question Time - as long as it doesn’t involve singing of course....

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