Liz Hurley’s “carpet burns”

Liz Hurley has admitted she likes to get deep, down and dirty on the living room carpet. Talking like the saucy big breasted minx that she is, the model turned actress turned farm owner revealed all to Easy Living magazine;

“Next time you go to someone's house in the country, be sure to check out if they have warm, possibly fluffy, rugs in front of their fire. No prizes for guessing why they're there! I can also shyly confess to having two sheepskin rugs in front of all my fireplaces.” Nice to see she’s keeping the British end up.

In the interview she also says her secret to dieting is beef jerky; "It's an excellent thing for anyone on the Atkins diet. I did a movie in South Africa with Ice Cube and it's all I ate. I was very thin - 121lbs*."

*8.5 stone.

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