Living Lohan : Dina Lohan publicises herself again

What not to do if you actually are just an 'ordinary single mom' fighting to put food on the table and keep your brood together.

1. Go on every TV chat show going and talk about how normal and struggling you are when you're obviously anything but. 2 Proclaim you're not fame hungry but only want as much fame as possible for your two fame hungry young daughters - then sign up for a reality show which is all about you. 3. Get papped out on the razz with Lindsay but pretend you don't usually go on benders and are actually just a stay at home mum.

So Dina Lohan, mother of Lindsay and Ali and a couple of other boys who noone's interested in, is the 'accidental' star of new reality show Living Lohan - an E! show aimed at redressing the imbalance in negative Lohan publicity.

The reality show follows Dina and Ali as they move from Long Island to Las Vegas so that Ali can record her first album, and is a crude propaganda exercise in painting Dina as an everyday MILF and Ali a run of the mill stage school princess.

Unfame hungry dad Michael Lohan wants nothing to do with it - apart from writing a blog about it and suuing Dina because he thinks she stole his idea. "It's the exact same show I pitched. She even used my title". On a par with the Hilton's web series.

Living Lohan

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