Livin' la visa loca

It's been a while since we last saw our favourite Geordie pop-ette, so imagine our relief when stories emerged that Cheryl Cole was spotted emerging from the America Embassy, clutching her newly minted visa. Only one problem; having been sacked from her US X Factor job, she probably won't be needing them. Bureaucracy, eh?

A source told The Daily Mail,‘Cheryl has had a long year, everything has really taken its toll. She’s taking some time to work out what she wants to do now. It’s a new year, a new look. The application had already gone through from when she was doing the U.S. X Factor and it was the final date to complete it otherwise it would have to be done again. What’s good is that now she can work in America whenever she wants – so she can still crack the States. She’s not retiring or giving up showbusiness, she just wants a short break.’

The source continued, ‘Cheryl is on fine form – she had a very rocky few weeks, but she’s just looking forward to a new year and to celebrating her birthday with her friends tomorrow night. It’s a new year, a new look – she wanted a change and she wanted to feel free.’

Um, hasn't anyone told Cheryl that we're half way through the year. Pet, it's almost July, not January...

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