Little Mix defy bullies

It may seem like they have the world at their feet, but X Factor winners Little Mix haven't had an easy ride.

The girl group have revealed that they suffered from severe bullying before they went on to win the talent contest.

Jesy Nelson, 20, said that she nearly left the show after being called fat and ugly.

She told the Daily Mail that she would not lose weight for fame, saying: "‘I did expect it when I first auditioned for X Factor.

"When you come into this industry you’re going to get comments and criticism, but it’s not until you actually see it, you think ‘Oh’.

"It wasn’t nice, it did upset me, I just think I’m so lucky to be in a group, they’re like my three sisters, whenever one of us is down we always pick each other up.

"I’ve learnt that for every bad comment, there’s 1000 good comments - but that one comment will always stick in your head.

"You have to embrace who you are, if everyone was the same it would just be boring. I’m not going to be a size six in six months time."

Perrie Edwards, 18, added: "It’s not always going to be 100 per cent rainbows, butterflies and flowers, there are going to be hard times, but we’ll get by it together."

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