Little Britain America ; stupidly funny new characters revealed

So Little Britain is about to go Stateside and, with it's mix of old and new US characters looks nothing less than p*ss funny.

Grotesque teenage cowbag Vicky Pollard will be getting to grips with life inside a Utah bootcamp. Evil fat fighter Marjory Doors questions whether resident US porker Rosie O Donnell, is 'fat because you're a lesbian or are you a lesbian because you're fat and couldn't get a man?" Wheelchair pretender Lou is taken to a preacher to be 'cured' by kindly carer Andy, and dangerously gay ministerial aide Sebastien becomes Prime Minister of England and falls in lust with the President of the US.

As for new 'US' inspired characters. Six packed 'gym buddies' Tom and Mark, hang out in the gym comparing peck size and talking about girls they've shagged - though both have unnaturally small penises. Ellie Grace, a 6 year old beauty pagaent winner (played by Lucas) is hulked round tournaments by her competitive mom (Walliams). Dangerously sensible bible thumpers George and Sandra are hiding a secret sex life, and bitter ex astronaut and '8th man on the moon' Bing Gordyn wallows in unacknowledged brilliance. Piece de resistance is a 'PA to Madonna' who demands to a lackey “sometimes during the afternoon Madonna may wish to adopt a black baby, so if you can arrange for a box of black babies to be flown in daily at 3pm... ”

Of the difference in comedy styles between the US and Britain, Walliams says '"I think we make ourselves maybe stupid in Britain a little bit more rather than being cool, but also we're not afraid to dress as women as well, which is a little bit rarer in American comedy." And of dressing up as women? "It's fun. It's relaxing. Well, actually because we do it on TV, we don't really feel the need do it in real life anymore. When we're playing female characters, we're not actually trying to garner any laughs because we're men playing women. The characters have to be funny in their own right."

"We hope it's something people can relate to, but at the same time, all we can ever do is what makes us laugh and hope other people like it. The worst thing we can do is try and say, 'Well, we don't really find this funny, but at least we think it resonates.' We could have tried to do a spoof of Paris Hilton, but we just didn't feel it, so we didn't do it" says Lucas. The 6 part series starts on HBO on 28th Sept, and will also air on BBC America. Hurry up and come September please do!

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