Litigious Girl

The never-ending battle waged by Andre and Price through the medium of tacky gossip rags, could soon, alas, be at an end. Despite living her life through ITV2 and OK magazine 'exclusives', Pricey seems to have redisovered the words 'dignity' and 'privacy' and has decided to drag Andre off to the courts, to get him to stop drivelling on about their break-up in interviews and columns.

A source close to the orange lady said, 'Kate takes the most exception to this continual suggestion that she is stopping Pete seeing him. It is incredibly unfair. The fact of the matter is that Pete took forever to organise a suitable nanny that is capable of meeting Harvey’s special needs.'

'Katie is referenced in nearly every article that Andre does. His career seems to be based around slagging Katie off and he is finding increasingly more annoying ways in which to do it...She is being dignified but feels seeking legal advice is her only option.'

A friend of Andre hit back,'Pete has never said that he has been banned. He is not putting these things in the public domain, he is merely answering questions put to him. Regarding the Fathers Day meeting, yes it didn’t happen, but the magazine in question had already gone to print and it couldn’t be changed. If anyone is harrassing anyone, it’s Kate against him.'

Considering that both careers are essentially based on the public airing of laundry, it would be no surprise if the two decided on a not-very private court battle, perhaps presided over by everyone's favourite TV legal figure - Judge Judy. Come on you two, you know it makes financial and entertainment sense...

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