Lisa Marie Presley bites back

Lisa Marie Presley is not happy. And we don’t blame her. Recently pictured looking like she has put on a few pounds, the media went into a frenzy, speculating she is slowly edging towards the same fate as her father.

The press has spoken of her “unhealthy appetite” and has even used the phrase “growing like her dad” to describe her current situation - all of which is hugely insensitive - her father’s death partly caused by his weight. But Lisa has quite rightly hit back at several large publications, both setting them straight and taking them into the court room.

Ms Presley revealed that yes, she has gained weight and yes, she may appear to be eating enough for two people because… erm, she is. In order to shut the tabloids up, she has been forced to release a statement saying she is, in fact, pregnant Her large belly not a big ball of hamburgers, but another person growing inside of her.

Tsk tsk tsk… More and more the tabloids are consistently getting it wrong. Last week Patrick Swayze had five weeks to live which was not the case and further back one very famous blogger even announced the death of Cuba’s former leader, Castro. (He’s still alive…)

We think the media should wait for some cold, hard evidence before publishing what turn out to be simply hurtful rumours (which they probably made up themselves). If we wanted some fiction, we’d pick up a good book, not a newspaper…

(Image: from YouTube)

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