Lindsey Lohan arrested after Justin Bieber concert. Could this be a new defence tactic

Another day, another dollar, another visit to the slammer for Lindsey Lohan. The volatile and troubled celebrity was arrested and charged with third-degree assault at 4 a.m. Thursday in Manhattan' s Meatpacking District after an alleged altercation with a woman in a nightclub.

Det. Mark Nell of the NYPD gave a statement saying, "This morning at 4 a dispute broke out at Avenue located at 116 10th Avenue. A female 26-year-old assaulted a female 28-year old. Lindsay Lohan was arrested and charged with assault."

Is this news we hear you cry? She’s getting nicked pretty much every week these days. And to be honest – you would have a point, but for one critical fact - she had reportedly just been to a Justin Bieber concert.

Now to be honest, the defence team may want to raise that as cast iron proof of severe emotional distress. Picture the scene – by this time next year, the courts could be awash in ‘The Justin Bieber Defence’ as car thieves, murderers and armed robbers all step into the witness box and swear blind Justin made them do it. Rampaging hordes swarming out of his concerts and mercilessly attacking innocent passers by and finding a court appointed psychiatrist to claim that Baby was a step too far for anyone in a fragile headspace.

New York's Daily News named the other woman as Tiffany Eve Mitchell, of West Palm Beach, Fla., who was at the Avenue nightclub with her husband. She and Lohan were sitting in separate VIP sections when a scuffle erupted elsewhere in the club, and Mitchell possibly bumped into Lohan in order to avoid getting involved. The other woman was not arrested or injured.

Lohan assistant Gavin Doyle, who apparently was at the club, was quoted as saying, "It's become a pastime to use her name and fame and blame things on her.” Perhaps it’s time to shift the blame to evil genius Justin Bieber.

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