Lindsay's 'friend' sticks the knife in

Lindsay's jailouse door has barely slammed shut, and already the vultures are circling. Well, when we say 'vultures' we actually mean desperate Z-listers eager to jump on the Lohan band wagon and make a name for themselves, while pretending to be caring pals. One such vulture is Jasmine Lennard, who years back was in Britain's Next Top Model. What a CV. Now, she's flogging stories to the tabs about her friendship with a Hollywood star.

Jasimine told The Mirror,'She is entirely aware of the power she possesses over people. Her weapon is sex. I’m not saying she wants to have sex with everyone she meets – but I am saying that short, tall, black, white, man or woman... she will make you feel like she wants to. This is a game for her. It is also the ­behaviour of someone with chronically low self-esteem. Lindsay was NOT shy. Within minutes of walking through the door she was ­completely naked, something I was stunned by but soon got used to, as this became a regular occurrence.'

And what of Sam Ronson, Lindsey's paramour? Well... 'She looked dirty, her teeth were yellow, her hair was limp, her body out of ­proportion, her nails chewed and her smile ­(I have only ever seen it once and it ­certainly wasn’t ­directed at me) ­crooked. On one occasion she revealed to me that while 'everyone' thought she had been unfaithful to Samantha, it was in fact Sam who had sex behind Lindsay’s back... with a MAN. She went on to claim on Twitter Sam had cheated on her. Lindsay and Sam are trapped in a jealous, unhealthy, ­unstable, vicious circle from which both need to escape – because the only direction is down.'

'And if Lindsay does get her life ­together as a result of this, it may just be Judge Revel who she thanks for saving her life. I wish her luck.'

Hmm, something tells us that the wish is not entirely sincere...

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