Lindsay skips one hot dinner too many

Worries are mounting over Lindsay Lohan's frail figure. The actress looks to have been skipping hot dinners ever since her traumatic break up with DJ Sam Ronson.

The couple broke up recently after a series of wild rows, and Lindsay has been publicly suffering ever since, even making a video viral to poke fun at her own misery. Well the star has dropped a stone or two too many and now even Lindsay's usually not very sensible mum Dina has encouraged her to get a few McDonalds down the hatch.

"I told Lindsay I think she's a little thin. But we go through this every couple of months... I'm a mom. If I see my daughter a little thin, I say, 'Eat more McDonald's.'"

Now break ups are never nice, and the first thing to suffer is usually the appetite, but Lindsay should really start chowing down on something very lardy, very soon. For once, Dina Lohan may have a point. Grub up Lindsay, too skinny = not good.

Have a look.

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