Lindsay on-the-Lam

Having skipped her last court date because she had a party in Cannes that was just unmissable, Lindsay Lohan finally got her judicial comeuppance. The actress appeared in front of an LA judge yesterday to discuss a drink-driving offence from 2007 (so much has happened since then - sackings, fights, breakups...) and it appears Lohan didn't get off lightly. The Mean Girls star will be forced to sport a fetching ankle bracelet which will monitor her alcohol intake - and will also make filming (she still makes films?) a little tricky.

According to the Daily Mail: 'The Hollywood actress, who agreed to the conditions, claimed she lost her passport in France last week, preventing an earlier return to Los Angeles for the May 20 hearing she missed.'

What a brilliant excuse - and as chance would have it, Lohan found the passport the very day that the Cannes festival ended. Such luck!

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