Lindsay Lovelace

While we're mighty pleased that Lohan is back where she belongs - no, not propping up the bar at Bungalow 8, or engaging in twitter spats with Samantha Ronson - acting in films, we're a touch concerned that her critical faculties might be somewhat damaged. Lindsay has agreed to star in a biopic depicting the life of porn star, Linda Lovelace. Linds, just because she has an alliterative name like yours, it doesn't mean you have to play her in a film...

According to our source for all Lohan facts, the Daily Mail, this worrying rumour was confirmed by Lohan's pal who gave the following not particularly fascinating statement,'[Wilder, the Director] contacted me and asked me if I would do the promos for the movie.' The movie is due to be announced at the Cannes film festival later in May.

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