Lindsay Lohan rumoured to have found love again

Lindsay Lohan is rumoured to have found love again – with a bloke. The Hollywood starlet recently split from 31-year-old DJ Samantha Ronson, but looks to have wasted no time in hooking up with English paparazzo Chris Jepson.

The pair are said to have been flirting with each other for the last two weeks before Lilo invited the 22-year-old photographer to LA for a party before heading to Los Vegas to watch Scary Spice get her kit off on stage. Jepson is even reported to have already met Lohan's mother Dina.

While Ronson will probably be spitting teeth over Lilio's new found love on the rebound, the Hollywood starlet spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about her heartache following her widely publicised split for the DJ.

Lindsay told Ellen: "You know when people are together so much it gets really difficult and you forget who you are because you're more concerned about being with the other person." Ah bless.

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