Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best sex tape?

When we were kiddy winks there were subjects on the syllabus like PSE to stop us getting up to no good. Ladies with beards and flat shoes from the 70's talked us through the birds and the bees - and that was enough to put us off for life.

Seems celebs skipped that class. Hot on the trail of the Kristin Davis sex pics are rumblings about a possible Lindsay Lohan/Calum Best sex tape. Although she 'can't remember it being filmed' the Herbie star has been papped 'performing a sex act' on Calum Best. By Calum Best.

In the throws of the Lohan special, the gentlemanly lothario whipped out his mobile, filmed the whole thing - and then texted it on to mates. Who texted it on to mates. Who took stills from the video - and put them on the net.

So far the kids are keeping schtum. But with the sex tape footage supposedly about to go live, Lohan's people must be busy hatching a denial. Whereas Besty will obviously just confess.

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