Lindsay Lohan : accused of blatant thievery

We've all had a heavy night on the tiles and woken up the next morning wearing shoes, or a dress, or even pants that weren't ours. But when celebs do the same thing the results are even more hilarious.

Lindsay Lohan has been accused of pinching a fellow clubber's mink coat. Lindsay allegedly thieved the $5000 dollar fur from Masha Markova - a girl she'd been sitting near in trendy Manhattan club 1 0ak.

Markova, a normal civilian, had been given the coat by her granny - and was horrified to think it might have vanished forever.....until she spotted Lindsay wearing it in a gossip rag a couple of weeks later.

Lohan had obviously sunk one too many gin and red bulls and trundled off with the coat thinking it was hers, before realising it wasn't - and wearing it anyway.

The victim of Lohan's lightfingered masterstroke then gave Lindsay's 'people' a tinkle to tell them what had happened, and the coat was miraculously returned - stinking of fags and with a tear in the lining. Markova's lawyers want 10K off Lohan for the 'rental'.

Lindsay Lohan to the naughty corner please.

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