Lindsay gets naked for low budget film

We always thought when actresses want to be taken 'seriously', they should either grow a beard and put on some pointy specs, or NOT take their clothes off.

But Lindsay Lohan thinks that's guff, and is all set to get whip her knicks off for new low budget movie, Florence.

wants to show the world that she can still act, and reckons her role as a sex-pixie waitress who gets up to more X-rated monkey business with her customers than she serves hot dinners, will do just that.

And even though she'll be going full frontal and not just baring babbage - (as initially scrpited) Lindsay will only be banking a measly 75,000 dollars. ......Which might not be the smartest move being as she's in the middle of getting sued by her ex bodyguard for failure to cough up his wages!

Nobly artistic though.

Take a look at Lindsay posing in the nip as Marilyn Monroe

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