Lily's bid to make lots of 'littlest things'

You'd be forgiven for thinking you'd heard this story before - after all, every other Lily Allen interview involves the Londoner vowing that this time she's had enough with the shallow, fickle world of celebrity. Next thing, you're sitting down to read the latest copy of Now!, twix poised at your lips, and what do you know? - it's only 'retired' Lily Allen at a Chanel party, gussied up in her finest glad rags. And you just don't know what to think, or who to believe.

Well Lily is at it again - she's in love with her painter beau, and wants children pronto.‘I’d like to have a child within a year. I’d want to be really hands-on for the first two or three years of having a little one. I don’t want to leave them. It’ll be a minimum of four or five years before I make a record again.’

By our calculation, this means that Allen will be 31 when she makes her next album, and it'll be Lily; the 'yummy mummy' years...

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