Lily's £1m twitter demand

Twitter has become a verbal battlefield for any celeb worth his or her salt - who could forget the tussles between Alan Sugar and every other B lister in town, or Kim Kardashian and Demi Moore? Um, okay, so it's not quite Amis and Larkin, but it's still a merry way to pass the time at work until the next fag break. Anyway, Piers Morgan has set his sights on Lily Allen, and spent then day trying to persuade the singer to appear on his sob-fest 'Life Stories'.

Lily and Piers battled it out on Twitter, for a few hours in the run up to Pier's first CNN show. Come to think of it, shouldn't he have better things to do? When Lily asked how much Morgan was offering, Piers responded, ‘Do you mean how much do you have to pay me for this career-enhancing interview? PS I also know that part of you thinks you can take me down on national TV. Good luck with that one little lady…’

Lily then demanded that the red-faced former editor donate a million smackers to a charity which ‘helps women to overcome the kind of grief that I have had to experience...those are my terms. I’ve got no interest in coming on your show, you’ve been asking me for years.’ Piers finally signed off with, ‘If you've got no interest in coming on my show, why have we been negotiating for the last hour? Or are you just a tease?’

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