Lily tweets like a canary

She left twitter with the words 'I am a neo luddite, goodbye', but now Lily Allen has renounced neo ludditsm and is, happily for us, back on the social networking site. What could have prompted such a u -turn? The need to share her views on Iran? The Chilcot Enquiry? Jordon and Alex Reid's alleged marriage? Er, no. She thinks she's put on weight.

Lily tweeted: 'i'm off to the gym. Went to india over xmas,and the clarified butter has made its way from my tummy to my thighs. eeuuggh.'

For readers who are not dairy experts, The Daily Mail helpfully informs us that 'clarified butter is a fatty ingredient used in Indian cooking, and is known there as 'ghee'. It is also used in religious ceremonies to light lamps and pyres.'

Thanks for that... but anyway, back to Miss Allen. Lily, we hope you're just a little out of practice on the tweeting front and will soon be back in the swing, we expect a little more excitement from our favourite mouthy mockney...

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