Lily speaks about losing her baby

Lily Allen must be one of the most brutally honest popstars around today. While most pretend that life as a sleb is a magical ride, punctuated only by trips to film prems, Topshop and Nandos (with the obligatory VIP card, of course), Allen is far more upfront about the pressures of living in the public eye. In an interview with Channel 4 to publicise her forays into fashion, she opened up about her miscarriage, and eating disorder.

According to The Daily Mail, Lily spoke about her second miscarriage, which happened six months into the pregnancy, saying, 'It was a really long battle - and I think that kind of thing changes a person.'

In a revealing and at times, dark interview, Lily also admitted to having had an eating disorder. Allen told the interviewer, 'I used to vomit after meals. It's not something I'm proud of. But, I tell you what, a lot of people came up to me telling me how great I looked and I'd be on the cover of every magazine. I thought I looked good and it was great to be able to try on clothes and feel a million dollars. But I wasn't happy, I really wasn't. I would love to be the skinniest minniest person in the world but I can't do that without being unhappy - I like food.'

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