Lily snubs X-Factor for Strictly

As we all know Lily Allen has announced she is quitting music when her current tour comes to an end next year. In terms of the current crop of lock-jawed popstars in the charts, this is genuinely a great shame, and any chance she has of popping up on the telly box in the future is fine by us.

Simon Cowell and his X-Factor goons definitely thought so and have been trying to persuade her to be a mentor on the reality show as well as give her the money-making platform to perform her new single ‘Who’d Have Known?’ Unfortunately Strictly Come Dancing also had the same brief and the musical pint-pot has chosen them.

Strictly song and dance man Bruce Forsyth let the announcement slip, and according to a *cough’ BBC source *cough* in The Mirror; "Lily was wanted by both shows so we're delighted."

Of course it would be a great shame if Ms Allen was calling our bluff and all this talk of early retirement was just to shift a few more albums.....

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