Lily rubs lils for Paddy McGuinness

When Paddy McGuinness joked to Lily Allen she was turning him on when he was a guest on her TV show recently. Noone could have predicted the wilbur fest that would follow.

Sensing a booby treat was just the ticket to spice up her ailing TV show - when Paddy made a playful wilb lunge - Lily saw her opportunity. What started as an innocent nip rub quickly turned to a full on grapple as Lily flopped out her right lil for all the world to see - before tickling it for 'approximately three minutes' while Paddy sat gawping.

Then just before the camera could catch her in the act (and like the true pro we always supected she is) Lily turned sweetly back to her autocue and got on with the show. Genius!

Good on y'er Lils - this story has tickled us no end and has made us want to tune into your show more than ever. Next time get it on camera though - if it doesn't boost the ratings, what's the point?

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