Lily on the scrounge

Well it's hardly the Cook Report, but props to The Mirror for revealing the full extent of Lily Allen's shameless bid to snag freebies, by plugging their products on Twitter.

According to the cursory glance at Lily's twitter page investigative report, journos reveal that the singer has bagged herself £25,000 worth of free clobber, simply by mentioning that she'd like certain products or taking pictures of swag and crossing her fingers.

The tweets of shame: 'Sep 10 Liz Earle skincare products '@lizearle I've started using you again.' Aug 26 MAC make-up 'MAC has got to reissue that Isabella Blow matt fuchsia lipstick. Got to!' Aug 20 Baby clothes 'Big box of goodies just arrived from Mamas and Papas.'

And so it continues, 'July 8 Givenchy goodie bag, pic posted 'Oooh, look what just turned up on my doorstep.' 'What a treat!' April 8 iPad, pic posted 'Look what just arrived.' February 10 £15k Rolex watch from 'Miles' at EMI'

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