Lily: 'I look like Michelle McManus'

Lily recently claimed she wanted a quiet life with no press attention but we think she might be going about it the wrong way; every day seems to bring a fresh avalanche of quotes about the pop tartlet. In an interview with fashion magazine Love, for example, Lily has claimed that her body dismorphia is so severe that every time she glances in the mirror, she sees 2003 Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus staring back at her.

The singer poured her heart out (or blabbed for the sake of some column inches) to the magazine: 'The reason the fashion world has embraced me is because I lost a stone-and-a-half last year. They probably wouldn't have when I was heavier. I've been on shoots where it's been 'Lunchtime! OK, Lily, do you want a cigarette?' instead of eating lunch. Compare me to Kate Moss and all of those supermodels and, yes, I probably am on the podgy side. But in reality I'm fine.'I'm a pop star, not a model. Don't make me feel s*** for not being really skinny and having an eating disorder.'

Lily then complains that when looking in the mirror she sees 'someone who is considerably more overweight than I am. 'It's body dysmorphia. I think I look like Michelle McManus.'

We're sure Michelle is overjoyed that her first mention in the British press for oh, about half a decade is a comment on her size...

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