Lily gets silly

Getting Lily Allen to endorse a product must have seemed like a great idea, but we wonder if the folk at Braun were having second thoughts when the lively songstress appeared somewhat the worse for wear at the launch of its Satin haircare range.

The inebriated Lily, who spent the evening generally being her usual wild self, is however by no means the only celeb to be a less than perfect ambassador for the brands they’re supposed to be advertising – think Bryan Ferry or Kate Moss, for example.

Maybe celebrity endorsement is just a bad idea altogether – you can’t trust pop stars or models not to do or say something, ah, off-brand. And in any case, the whole thing isn’t exactly rock ‘n’ roll, is it? After all, you could hardly imagine the Sex Pistols endorsing Satin Haircare, M&S or anything else, could you?

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