Lily Cole on art

Model Lily Cole is branching out from the catwalk, hosting a TV arts show. The 6-part series Art Matters will be shown on the Sky Arts channel. Cole will visit artists and interview them about their working methods.

Before anyone starts moaning about models taking jobs that should be the preserve of qualified experts, it should be mentioned that Cole has a double first degree in art history from Cambridge University.

The series will include reports on artists such as Paula Rego, Tacita Dean and Christo, famous for wrapping the Reichstag. The Sky Arts channel director James Hunt described the series as a "unique opportunity to get up close and personal to some of the most intriguing, controversial and ground-breaking contemporary artists".

For the last 4 years Cole has been exploring new career avenues outside modelling. "I've been doing modelling for years and I feel like I've taken out of it what I need to and I'm ready for new things," she has said.

Her film career began with a small role in St Trinian’s and continued with the rather more prestigious The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. She has a part in The Moth Diaries, and is filming Snow White And The Huntsman.

Her acting has been kindly received by the critics, with director Terry Gilliam saying, "She has an amazing look and grasps what is required so very quickly. If she wants a career as an actress, she has a brilliant future."

In the meantime she is bringing her knowledge and celebrity allure to the world of fine art.

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